How to Pay Off Debt Faster ?

How to Pay Off Debt Faster - How to pay off debt fast? If this question is in your mind now, then you should read this article slowly and carefully.

Just relax, this article will not patronize you with a lecture of financial management that increasingly make dizziness. Here we will discuss a number of creative tips and easy to do to pay off the debt quickly.
How to Pay Off Debt Faster
How to Pay Off Debt Faster ?

How Pay Off Debts ?

This time I will give you some ways to pay utag that will make you not too heavy in the way to soften it

1. Professional Consultation

Besides doing the above tips, there is no harm if you are looking for a person who understands and is experienced in financial problems. Professional people in this field usually understand the strategy in paying off the debt faster. Try asking what advice you should do, and what steps you should take based on your current conditions.

Financial consultants who work under financial management companies usually can also negotiate with the bank to help you. Other Alternative, you can also consult with your parents, relatives, friends or people you believe. Although they are not experts in the financial field, at least you do not bear the burden of the mind.

2. Find a side job

If there's no increase in the salary in the near term, it's better to start looking for a side job. The bigger the salary you get in a month, the bigger the money you can allocate to pay off your debts. For example, you can utilize e-commerce like Amazon to start your online business.

No need to start with a business that needs capital, you can sell by becoming a reseller. If your house is close to the center of the craft, for example, you can sell the goods simply by modelled photos and descriptions of goods. If there is a buyer, then you buy the item and send it to the buyer.

In addition, you can also find extra money to pay off your debts by selling your skills or various other part-time jobs that could be an additional alternative to earning.

Here are some ideas that can be your thing:

  1. So teachers tutoring (music, swimming, mathematics, English, painting)
  2. Taxi online
  3. Reseller/Dropshipper Online
  4. Hobby photography? Sell your work to micropayment photography site
  5. Translator.
  6. and anything you can read this : Ideas For Side income

3. Debt Management

If all the above ways you've done but can't also pay off the debt quickly, maybe you should try debt management. While it sounds difficult and complicated, debt management can make you pay off debts without having to have money.

It's not hard. All you have to do is go to the bank where you owe the debt and consult them. Here is an alternative way of debt management you can do:

  1. Credit card balance transfer (transfer of bills from bank A to bank B with lower interest rate)
  2. Extend tenor and shrink installments

4. Reduce Expenses

If in the near term there will be no additional income (up salary, bonuses, etc.), the only way that there is an extra fund to pay the debt is to save shopping. If yesterday you spent 50%, 60% or 70% income for consumption and the rest to pay the debt, now reverse its proportions.

Sounds impossible. But..... Try you remember the actual list of expenses can still be saved again. Examples are as below:
  1. Moved place to stay. Example: From apartment to apartment type studio or room rental boarding or moving temporarily to home parent
  2. Stop your tissue paper shopping and switch to towel/handkerchief
  3. Reduce eating outside and start to cook your own food
  4. Take a stroll and use public transportation
  5. Save gasoline, change motorcycle with bike
  6. Request an insurance premium leave
  7. Save electricity.

5. Cash Out

Try to remember again, maybe you still have some hidden money. That is, not a cash tucked in a pants pocket or behind a carpet. But it is the goods around you that can be changed so cash. For example, you've bought flight tickets or train tickets for the next 3 months holiday plan. You can cancel the ticket and win it.

Or... You can rent unused rooms. The money can be utilized to pay off debts quickly. Here's a complete list of ideas that you can use to earn cash:
  1. Cancel flights, trains, buses and earn money refunds
  2. Have room/room unused? Rent out
  3. Sell unused used goods (used books, electronics, furniture, shoes etc)
  4. Rent out your motorcycle/car.

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