How to Save on Wedding Costs ?

How to Save Wedding Costs -Marriage is a sacred, special, and expected moment only to happen once in a lifetime. Therefore, couples prepare their marriages in a mature way, so that the shows are reverent, special, and unforgettable. Not a few couples who want a luxurious wedding and attended by many people. However, it is necessary to be aware that weddings require no small fees. Therefore, the cost of marriage should also be prepared in the right place, to be precise and not excessive.
How to Save Wedding Costs
How to Save Wedding Costs

7. Ways to Save Wedding Costs

1. Cost-effective wedding rings

The wedding ring is one aspect of the marriage that cannot be missed. Not infrequently wedding rings tend to be expensive, so it drains costs. To save the cost of marriage, buy an affordable wedding ring but still beautiful when worn.

Because, the wedding ring will be worn for life as a sign of bond. There is also the assumption that the wedding ring should cost twice the salary. You do not have to force yourself into that principle, because the cost of marriage is not just about the wedding ring. Don't forget, do a wedding ring survey at an affordable price but keep it nice and elegant.

2. Save during Bachelorette titles

before the wedding often starts with a bachelors or bachelor party. Not infrequently this event is held in a hotel or restaurant. This will certainly cost quite a large fee. Therefore, a bachelorette party can be your event of frugality for wedding expenses. For example, you could get it off at home or restaurant at a fairly skewed price. Then, bring your own food from the house to reduce costs.

3. Be selective about guest invitations

When choosing who will be invited to a wedding, it is like inviting everyone who is known. However, this can instead make a swell fee, especially for catering. Therefore, selectivate when the invitation will be spread. Invite only people known to you and your spouse. Importantly, only invite people who are in your life today. Reconsider inviting your classmates as a school. Invite friends closest to you only.

4. Create a guest list invitation category

If you have a hard time choosing who you want to invite to a wedding, you can order it in several categories. For example, immediate family, nearby relatives, family friends, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and so on. When you and your partner have compiled that category, you can trim the number by category. Don't forget the routine evaluation before the invitation is spread.

5. Consider a digital invitation

the cost of a print invitation can be very large, therefore, you could consider a digital invitation. However, it is also worth noting that this digital invitation is only for younger guests. For families or relatives who are no longer young or not familiar with digital, you can still send a physical invitation.

6. No need to use Wedding Organizer (WO)

If you think a wedding party arranged by WO tends to be expensive, then why not involve close friends to prepare for marriage? The form of Coordinator-coordinator responsible for every aspect of the wedding party. However, make sure they are also responsible and transparent on each assignment.

7. Creative in making wedding decorations

you can pour your creativity in a wedding party. Make your own wedding decorations. Nowadays there are many brides who decorate their own wedding party. In addition to saving costs, you will feel more satisfied as you prepare everything yourself and according to your tastes.

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