19 Ideas For Side Income With Abundant Gains

Ideas For Side Income - Are you one of the permanent employees in a company and want to have more income? Side business is a way out. Side business is a free option for employees and companies not to oppose it, as long as it does not contradict the rules or business of the company.

Constraints are always the main reason why many employees do not start a side business is capital. Many of us think without strong capital or big, then the side business will not start. If you have a pay-off salary as an employee then the loan of cash funds from the bank represents the expectation of business capital.

This time aboutinsc.com will provide a solution for some ideas to be able to get a side income. Here are the options.
Ideas For Side Income
Ideas For Side Income

19 Ideas For Side Income

1. Refueling Car and Motorcycle Place

Mini Pom or Mini gas pumps have become one of the quite reputable side businesses in the area that has a slight GAS station. It used to be a lot of sellers using bottles or bars, but now a manual pump with a cup of glass. You don't need to be dependent on this tool if you don't have that amount of capital. Simply the traditional way with the bottle will be able to give you an advantage.

The main thing you need to do is find the right location. Where the area is separated quite far between 1 GAS station with other GAS stations. So it is likely that customers come to pump higher gasoline in your place. Also make sure you do not increase the price per liter of gasoline too high. Use a fairly standard price with a reasonable profit margin.

And if you already have enough profit, you can invest the pump tool so that your customers feel more confident with the litre of gasoline calculation system they buy and the price they pay.

2. Business Forex

This one business will probably require skills in reading the economic condition of a country and the world in a mature. You need to analyse news information about the available economies. It then speculates the impact of certain news or events on the currency of the country.

The forex business is not easy but you can get a huge profit if you are investing big money. So the capital will not be dissident in a certain amount, you are free to determine the modal you want. The greater the amount of capital you use for the forex business then the great semaking profit you will get. Likewise, the disadvantage if foreign currency conditions do not move as per your expectation.

The way to profit from Forex is to buy foreign currency at the price you estimate will increase. Then, when the price of foreign currency is increased or strengthened compared to Indonesian Rupiah then you can sell it. While the business is at risk because it is possible if the value of the foreign currency will not increase, but with a reliable analysis you can minimize the risk.

Business Forex is one of the most flexible business, you can use online banking to buy foreign currency. So you do not have to struggle to exchange money or to the bank branch at any time. And to monitor foreign currency mobilization you can use the websites of the bank.

3. Home Catering

Catering is one of the business ideas suitable for you to be good at cooking. This side business will never be out of date because the inhabitants around your neighborhood will definitely need catering services. Not all families have time to cook daily meals, so catering is the most easy way out. Employees also love ordering caterers, if they are busy and don't have time to get out of office and queued to order food then the caterer is the shortcut.

This side business is heard will take a lot of time. Start from cooking a side dish and rice and then deliver it with your vehicle to wash your cooking utensils. It is true that catering will be a heavy side business and Weam. Therefore it is advisable that you provide its services on public holidays such as Saturday and Sunday or national holidays. Because on a national holiday some restaurants choose to close the shop.

You will need a stove, gas, raw materials for your side dish, rice cooker, and food box. Start targeting markets around your neighborhood, especially neighbors. This way, you don't have to..

4. Selling Products on Marketplace

This one side business is more focused on the marketing level. Selling products on the marketplace gives you a higher chance of finding customers. This is because the number of visitors to the marketplace is largely a potential buyer who needs something.

Buying and selling through a marketplace platform has grown amazingly. Some examples of famous marketplace in Indonesia are Amazon and Alibaba. With one of these platforms you can sell any product easily and practically. If you have the skills to produce a specific product, as previously described women's accessories. So using a marketplace platform will give you greater turnover at a lower cost than social media. In passing social media, it has an advantage without cost, but if you do not have a large number of followers; Then to achieve more sales, you will need to use advertising from social media. That will eventually make costs outweigh the cuts that the platform marketplace takes.

In addition to selling your creations, the marketplace can also be used for lovers of buying and selling systems. So if you want to buy and sell used goods then use this platform. Or you have a supplier that can give you products in a low price then you can become a reseller in the marketplace.

5. Women Accessories Business

Creativity in making hand skills is not something that everyone has. But if you have it then you can turn it into one of the business ideas. You can make unique and interesting women accessories with your creativity. These accessories can be scarves, brooches, necklaces, bracelets, hair ornaments and more.

This business can be said to have a bright prospect because the profit margin gained is quite high. Because the raw material capital of the accessories can be obtained fairly cheap as long as you buy in large quantities. If you want to experiment first or test the market from this business, you can start with accessories with cheap raw materials such as bando, necklaces, or bracelets. But surely you have to find out the provider of the raw materials in your area first.

The marketing of the accessories you have made can be done online, either through social media or through your blog if you have them. If not possible you can start a separate account for this side business on Instagram or Facebook. Then tell your acquaintances about the business and suggest them to pass it on.

6. Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Business

MLM or Multi Level Marketing is a way to marketing a level or chain. So the sales you make will give you compensation as well as sales made by your recruits. Such as for example you follow the MLM business for the sale of a cosmetic product. When you recruit your friends or invite them to sell this cosmetic product, every sale they make then you will receive a commission. Likewise, when each of your friends recruits new members.

With this MLM business, you need a modal connection and seamless communication skills. While you are selling products from MLM business you will earn commissions. You also need to find new members who will give you passive income without the need to sell products. There are many MLM services now on the market. You just have to start searching online.

7. Insurance Agents

Other side business opportunities that do not require high capital are insurance agents. You just need insight on insurance and good selling then you can be an insurance agent. The income you can earn from the sale of insurance policy will be ongoing during certain periods. Depending on the type of insurance you sell, the small percentage of the comisipun varies.

Requiring virtually no capital costs at all, insurance agents are often used as career options when they start to succeed. First start in the sale of insurance policy can be booked to your acquaintances. Then as your success sells the insurance policy, you can think of it as your main career.

8. Property Realtor

Assets that have never been depreciation or decrease in price value are property. Whether it is a house, apartment or shophouse, all types of this property will generally have a selling price that increases with time. Therefore, the property market is something that will always be warm. Except in times of recession where the people have no money to buy the property so demand is low.

You can take advantage of the property market by becoming a property broker. You just have to look for information about the property agency companies that accept freelance agents. Then you can learn the commission system and the bonuses, of course you also need to understand about the property. After getting information about a property you can start trying to sell the property to your acquaintances for an early stage.

The amount of commissions you earn from property sales varies depending on the property's developer agreement and the agent's company. Generally it ranges from 1% to 3% of the number of sales transactions. Imagine how big a commission is for you if a home price of $1 billion. Simply with capital of property insight and trying to find buyers.

9. Create a Blog

This one side business can be said to require no capital at all. Starting blogging is the cheapest way for you to earn extra allowance. One weakness only lies in time.

To start a blog, you can use a free blog platform blogspot.com. Then you can start filling out the blog with content or posts from you. This writing can be an informative article or an experience of your life that is useful to the reader. Thus visitors who find your blog will still visit your blog and be interested in the information you provide. When you have a new blog maybe you will experience the distress in finding visitors. But you can start by promoting your blog to social media or your friends.

Over a certain period of time, after the number of visitors coming to your blog increases. You can put ads on your blog through Google Adsense. So any visitor who clicks on the ad then you can receive money. Or if your blog is very popular, then a lot of other businesses want to be featured on your blog. You can then charge a fee for the service.

10. Social Media Manager

The opportunity to be social media manager may not have been so much in Indonesia. But if you want to try this side business, the required capital is analysis data and time to organize social media. Some small companies or social media influencers need help to organize their social media. Your job is not only to create posts but also to think about good captions so that a lot of likes or increase the follower of the social media.

You'll also need to analyse the right time for posts, or types of posts that give you lots of likes. All this is included in your expertise in conducting analytical data. The earnings you earn can be accrued directly from the small company or influencer. To succeed in this business make sure you are able to analyze data.

11. Translation Services

If you don't want to teach a private tutoring for a foreign language, you can still be a translator. For sure before, you have to master another language smoothly. Thus, if there is a work off for translation, you can charge a fee and receive additional income. The collateral can be for documents such as theses, articles, papers or other documents.

12. Private Tutoring Services

Any expertise you have and can share with others can be a source of income as well. Whether the skill of playing musical instruments or foreign language can be used as material for private tutoring. If you don't have a place to hold a private tutoring, you can visit your student's house and teach at their home.

The most important capital of this side business is your expertise. Other capital is most likely the only equipment that supports the private class. Such as books, pens, pencils, or music instruments. When you want to grow this business then you can think about to crochet places and buy chairs and tables for multiple pupils at once.

The cost you charge for this private tutoring should depend on your local economic conditions and your target market's ability. If you are in a big city like Jakarta, you can charge a standard fee with the private tutoring market. Whereas if your target customers community in a small town then do not install a high rate.

13. Social Media Influencers

If you are one of the active social media users, then the term social media influencer may be something familiar. There are now many social media influencers whose fixed jobs produce content on their social media channels. Whether it's a video on YouTube, photos on Instagram or other content. If you want to earn extra income like a social media influencer, you can also do it.

The most important thing of this side business is the follower. If you don't already have one then you need to start to develop your number of followers on social media. Decide which content you want to create, whether it's videos about travel or photos about food or reviews about games and many other options. Each of these content has a number of different follower markets and is quite large in the Internet world. You need to be active in creating quality and informative content so that your number of followers continues to evolve.

Once you have a considerable number of followers then you can approach companies that are engaged in the field of dealing with your content. Then you can negotiate to promote their products on your social media for a fee.

14. Graphic Design Services

Not everyone has this skill, but if you are working in a graphic design field or have skills in creating graphic designs then you can make more money. The system is the same as freelancers. You can also use the UK website for international markets with higher tariffs such as 99designs.com, Elance.com, and Upwork.com (formerly Odesk.com).

From those websites, you may be able to work for business card design, company logo, picture in shirt, mascot, poster, Booth, interior and many more. Each job has a fee that varies depending on the agreement between you and the client. The capital you need to start this side business is your expertise in making graphic design, Internet connection and computer.

15. Motorbike/Car Wash Service

If you have many motorcycle or car owners, why not start a motorcycle/car washing business? Many people are willing to wait for hours to queue or car wash. Some people are even willing to leave their vehicles and pick them up when their car or motorcycle is washed. The side business of washing motor/car can give you a high enough profit if you start it in the right area.

You need water pumps, compressors, washcloth, motor soap, and motor tire Polish equipment to start the motor/car wash service. As for the venue, you can start with your district. So you don't need any extra fees for rental locations. And when you look at the future of this business then you can start expanding it by opening branches in strategic locations.

16. Sale and purchase of Used Motorcycles

Buying and selling used motorcycles is not a foreign business anymore. The number of motorcycle sales in Indonesia from year to year is always increasing. So the number of motorcycles used is unlikely to decline. With the high demand for used motorcycles and the availability of the number of motorcycles in the market, you can start to do profitable used motorcycle trading businesses. The opportunity to benefit from the rapid development of this field is something that you must utilize.

One of the disadvantages of this business, many of the incomplete motors are the vehicles, the original parts have been replaced with false ones, and the stolen. As well as you should have experience and understand about motorcycles.

17. Laundry Service

Believe it or not, laundry services kilogram is one of the side businesses with a fairly low capital and can give a decent profit. To start you need a washing machine, dryer, detergent, deodorizer, scale, iron and plastic. To minimize the capital you can choose a washing machine that has been joined directly with a drying machine.

In a time when everyone wanted to be practical, the demand for washing and ironing services was increased. Especially among the students and employees. By placing this laundry business in an area that is close to the employee's residence or student, you are guaranteed not to run out of customers. Most likely you can profit 15%-25% of the laundry rate

18. Sell Photos on the internet

If you like photography then you can also start making it as a source of income. How to sell photos online. You can register yourself to the photo sales website such as Istockphoto.com and ShutterStock.com. Then upload your photo. If there are visitors who want to buy your photos then you will get a commission.

For Istockphoto His commission is 15% per photo and ShutterStock is 20-30% per photo. In order to get that commission easily you can create an account in PayPal, so that these sites can send it through PayPal.

The capital you need is a digital camera. You can use your Smart Phone camera and start taking pictures. Make sure your photos are high quality and have characters or explain certain stories. Your Target market is an online website that needs photos for their website.

19. Selling Food for Breakfast

If you have skills in cooking, then you can start a side business of this small business. We all know how busy life is as an employee in the morning. What's more to provide breakfast, it's something impossible. For those of you who have flexible office time or go over the afternoon then a side business selling breakfast may be a source of your extra income.

You don't have to cook something very complicated for this business. Simply a simple cooking dish that has a high selling value such as chicken porridge, fried and indomie boiled or fried. Regarding the location, you can start this venture in front of your house as originally and serve food to your neighbors.

To start this business you will need raw materials such as eggs, rice, chicken, tofu, tempe, and vegetables. You will also need to buy cooking oil, gas, and stoves if you don't already have one. 

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